Bak-2-Skool Hash, Broadclyst - Hole-in-one and Fallen Boobies - 7th September 2014

(Mainly) written by Speedy this week!
A bak2skool hash from our resident teacher, Hole-in-One. Many arrived in fancy dress. Blobby had a school cap, Stix wore a shirt and tie, Spocky had a tie too, and Bollards had her Perfect Prefect badge. Rocky came in his real school uniform! But is was a great hash, despite hole-in-one being ill recently (she forgot her sick note). There was some interesting views along the trail - and lots of rhubarb in a field.   At the start of the hash we went on to a narrow road for a while. After that we came to a long sort split. Bollards went the wrong way and then it took her ages to get back. Next we came to a regroup and went down a road a few minutes later Rocky started to whinge - I don’t know how Stix deals with it! Shortly we were at the sweet stop and there were lots of sweets! After the sweet stop we went past some houses and then we saw the on-home. 5 minutes later we were back and rocky drunk some juice in about 5 seconds! Next it was the fines - Groucho had the peg (despite dropping it on the floor).
Tuck-Shop Sweetie Stop
Fallen Boobies and Spocky in the playground


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