Uphams Plantation - Woodpecker - 5th October 2014

It felt like a decidedly chilly morning leaving Exminster, but with the heater deliberately turned on  to cold for the journey onto Woodbury Common, we were pleasantly surprised when we got out of the car.
Woodpecker had taken time and trouble to lay a walking route, but no-one was interested in it, so we all did the main trail, which wended it's way off the beaten track and into the trees on a number of occasions.  Fortunately, Woodpecker had used large blobs of flour to mark the trail, usually on a conspicuous tree stump or thrown against a tree.  There were a number of fish-hooks which the whole pack were encouraged to do, (unless they didn't want to) a couple of re-groups (which apparently you didn't have to stay at if you didn't want to) and a sweetie stop where we all enjoyed exceptionally chewy sweets and the peg(s) were changing hands quite frequently.
The longs set off through a bog and back again to re-join the shorts before admiring the model aeroplanes being flown before the On Home.
A well laid and enjoyable trail for a lovely autumnal Sunday morning.

Sweetie Stop


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