Four Firs - Woodpecker - 25th January 2015

There were some proper athletes at Four Firs Car Park as we circled up.  Fortunately, they weren't with the Hash.  There were a number of visitors, including Abzorba from Ashburton along with some family members, including someone from Shropshire with a small dog. 
Woodpecker did the chalk talk (3 and on, 6 for a fish-hook), then we were off.  Despite not having any long/short splits, the pack remained together through good management and use of back checks and fish-hooks.  It was a good job we had so many visitors to reach the fish-hooks before the usuals.  They're welcome back anytime.  It saved me quite a bit of energy as I always seemed to be the 7th hasher to get to one. 
We arrived at the sweetie stop, where we were treated to Maltesers and Foxes Glacier Mints.  Flick was having trouble finishing her mint in time to start the trail again and was heard to say "I can't suck and run at the same time".  That made for a very easy naming in the closing circle.  One of the visitors took a hash flash.  Hopefully it can be put on this blog in the near future.
Thanks, Woodpecker for a well laid trail!


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