The (Bl)Obelisk - Blobhoblin and Twin Peaks - 11th Jan 2015

Blobby must be a magnet for organised runs, as this time last year when he set a trail from Marsh Barton, the hash found itself running alongside the First Chance 10K and today we found ourselves crossing paths with the Mamhead Obelisk run.  “Runners coming through!” was the frequently heard call as we started the trail in the same direction as the front runners of the race.  Hopefully we didn’t get in their way too much and provided them with some encouragement as they reached the summit of their climb from Dawlish.  There were one or two familiar faces among the athletes, including Total Eclipse and 3D.  Fortunately, the trail took us away from their route for a while, but following plenty of faffing around we found ourselves parallel to the road again where we bumped into PP, FF and Captain Peacock who were spectating.

We continued to crawl through the undergrowth eventually arriving at a sweetie stop.  Blobby had made some fudge which was suitable fuel for the remainder of the trail.  Shortly after Hole-in-one fell over at the top of a climb up a wooded bank, there was a long/short split, with a cunningly placed fishhook right at the end before the trails re-joined.  A further long/short split was placed just before the car park: not many people bothered with that one as they were so nearly home.
We all stood shivering in the circle at the end.  Sherriff dished out the fines for the usual misdemeanours; including nerd-naming and the use of technology.
Next Week's trail is at the HatherleyLaboratory, at the University of Exeter on Prince of Wales Road.
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