Alphington - Blobhoblin - 8th February

It was a good job that Blobby had made fudge for the sweetie stop on this trail as we really needed it by the time we reached it; about 3 miles in.  This was the longest trail so far this year, clocking in at nearly 6 miles, and if you were unfortunate enough to get caught by the numerous fish hooks it was even longer.
Suck n Run claimed that she had never run so far before, but seemed to manage adequately.  It was easy to tell that some of the regulars (in particular the FRB’s) were absent, as even I was caught by the fish-hooks and only 4 needed to return.  Many hashers were elsewhere doing athletic things like the 4 Trigs.  There were a fair few hills on this trail, through Peamore woods and up and around some of the higher ground between Alphington and Shillingford.  There were far reaching views across Exeter and the chance to “guess the highway” as we looked down onto, or found ourselves adjacent to, either the M5, A379 or A30 at various points.   Due to the constraints of the main roads bordering the trail, we found ourselves running with the marks on the left at one point, in other words re-tracing our steps.  An enjoyable trail over new territory for most of the pack and we certainly got our exercise.  Eventually we arrived back at Blobby’s for Pizza and Rocky Road for his Birthday.

On On to a join trail with Taunton  H3 next week, at Ashclyst Forest (map), with an On Down at the Merry Harriers to follow. And don't forget to Rate the Hash!
Through Peamore Woods

Regroup in the sun

Beautiful views

Just a nice photo of the lane!

5 miles in!

A City-of-Exeter virgin and his daughter arrived in this - a new member of the Bitz clan?


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