The Obelisk, Mamhead - Runnerbean and Tampa - 24th May 2015

A double birthday hash this week, with one of the youngest (6 years old) and oldest (!) hares.  Runner Bean and Tamper both had birthdays this week, and many months ago they decided to lay a joint trail at the Obelisk, near Mamhead.  They had both laid the trail earlier that morning, following Runner Bean’s very exciting birthday party (with bouncy castle) the day before.  A good sized pack turned up too, and it was good to see no.2, and Larks, She's Ready, Lisbian and Hairy Mollusc making a reappearance.  After we set off, there were two latecomers - both with babies... Coffin, Emelda and Annabelle, plus Hole-in-1 and her new 3-inch puppy!

The trail started with a long-short split, the longs heading along the road, finding a back check, then a bit of a ramble through the undergrowth to find the shorts back on the main track.  Runnerbean was being a true hare, setting the pack off in the wrong direction.  We were quite happily making away along a nice track, but it was not that straight forward as we hit another back check, before scambling up a bank.  Then, at the check, she deliberately told Oddbitz the wrong way!

The regroup was at the Obelisk itself, and the views were stunning as usual.  We seem to be scaring the "normal people" off, who had been otherwise enjoying a Sunday morning stroll.  The pack seemed a lot bigger by this point (see below - thanks Coffin!)

It was a short trail today, and the trail took us straight back to the car park, albeit with at least one fish hook (where Rocky fell over - that reminds me, I need to pay his fine for that!).
There were no upper-class ladies in the pack today, because no-one wanted the G&T.  But we did have birthday cake and beer!

Next weeks trail is at Muttersmoor, just outside Sidmouth.  Bring a picnic (if the weather is fine).  It won't be hared by Lilo because she's decided instead to enjoy the sun somewhere, but Ménage a Trois is doing a guest lay!    And don't forget to RATE THE HASH.

And here are some directions for next week's hash just for Hole-in-one:  Go to Sidmouth sea front, and turn right.  This is Peak Hill Road.  Go past the hotels on the right, the road initially keeps on the coast, before going right (and a steep climb) through some woods.  The car park is on your right just as you come out of the woods.


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