Dawlish - Double D - 30th August 2015

The last Sunday of the meteorological Summer, and it was a wet one.  Its started off raining, and just got heavier.  We welcomed some visitors, Miss Obedience and Stile Guru from Cambridge, on their way back home.   

The first part of the trail seemed to be laid in mushrooms as the longs looped around Oaklands Park.  Then the longs headed up along John Nash drive before heading into the woods, and emerging in a hay-making field.  Captain Peacock and Rocky were comparing their bird impressions... Rocky does a very good duck!  Soon we rejoined the shorts on the main road.  Crossing over, we headed along the old road back towards where we had begun.  The trail continued onto the cliff top, winding along the coastal path and down onto the seafront and the town centre, with the sweetie stop under the railway bridge.  We were joined by 3D who had walked down to meet us with the girls.  Now it was really beginning to rain!  
After a lot of jelly babies, malteasers etc etc, the longs and the shorts continued along the sea wall, with the shorts taking the first foot bridge, and the longs taking the much more distant second.  This was virgin hash territory as the new sea wall had only just reopened.  By this point we were really wet, but Stile Guru, who seemed a bit fitter than the average CoE hasher, had his top off.  He came running back to the group, and we all feared a fish hook, but he was just doing it for "fun"!  
Over the railway bridge and up to the main road, turning left and heading back to the town centre to join the shorts.  Them up along Dawlish Water, before starting the climb back home.  At this point No 2 and Hole in 1 were giggling about how wet they had become... not quite sure why...
Then most of the pack got changed and piled into the D's home, where we enjoyed a hot bevvy (and then a beer). Pizza, wedges and chips all round - thanks for their hospitality!
The next hash is on Sunday 6th September starting from the Bowd layby on the A3052 near Sidmouth, hared by Woodpecker - a map is here
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Is Captain Peacock holding a condom?


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