The Maer, Exmouth - Spockybitz - 16th August 2015

The traffic queues into Exmouth were tailing back by more than a mile, so the Stix family were a little late.  We were even later than Woodpecker!  There seemed to be few cars at the car park, especially as it was Maer Road Car Park, and the hash was starting from The Maer! But we didn't worry because we had a cunning plan.  We'd spotted a check at the top of Maer Road, and since we were so late, we decided to head straight there.  It hadn't been kicked out, so we back-tracked the trail, and planned that when we met the pack coming the other way, we'd subtly switch direction.  

After a couple of false alerts, we met up with the pack, but not more than 50 meters from where we parked the car, and less than 30 seconds into the trail!  We'd run more than 1/2 mile by this point, but the hash had started 20 mins late!

So we did our "hellos" and retraced our steps, heading along the roads, and around the houses before embarking on the green lanes, and hashing up past the Bristol Schools camping site.  It seemed a slow pace today, with most hashers suffering from hang-overs, tiredness or general ill-health.  Across a few fields, and onto the coastal path.

We should have met the "even-less-able" (which seemed to be Oddbitz and X-bitz) at Orcombe point for the Sweetie Stop (below), but they were waiting around the corner.  Never mind - more sweets for the rest of us.  Then it was a lethargic stroll along the beach and back to the start.

Spocky lit the BBQ on the Maer, and we burned cooked our sausages and burgers, while the kids ran around the park.  It must have been good becuase our car parking ticket had run out by more than 1/2 hour by the time we left!

The next hash is on Sunday 23rd August at Dawlish Warren, hared by Fancy Liquor and Twin Peaks (standing in for Hole-in-1) - a map is here (park the sea-side of the railway tunnel). Don't forget to Rate The Hash.


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