Warren Car Park - Spockybitz - 13th September 2015

Busy car park.  Otter Valley visitors (very welcome for the checking and fish-hooks).  Late comers.  Long-short split, back-check, turn left, run a bit, turn right, turn right again onto land that would have been very boggy if we had had more rain.  Down and up, sharp left, very steep down, lots of ferns and gorse.  Long-short split.  Been here before, down gravel track, met faerie folk offering to tarmac my drive and accepted a lift from a demi-wyvern to 300m short of sweetie stop to arrive un-noticed.  Sweets, photograph, long-short split.  Down and right, boggy bit, left and up, jump over gulley, short-cut and re-join shorts.  Out of woods and straight across.  Long-short split.  Long downhill and away from car park - no thank you.  Short.  On Home.  Circle.  Fines.  New shoes.  Anyone want to lay a trail in November?  

The next hash is a Sunday Lunch Hash - starting from St Lukes campus of the University of Exeter, and finishing in the Mount Radford for some food afterwards - members get a free drink!  A map is here

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