Dalditch Farm - Lilo - 29th November 2015

For once, most people had arrived early at Dalditch Farm.  It was hard to find somewhere to park without opening your car door over a large muddy puddle, therefore making it difficult to get out of the car, but a reasonably large number of hashers managed and circled up to hear the chalk talk.  Lilo and co-hare Jamie assured us it was a short trail, and encouraged everyone to do the longs apart from the walkers.

Off we went up the hill, with the longs bearing right to a ha ha while the shorts went left to get ahead.  Holeinone did a spectacular wipe-out and had some minor abrasions to show for it.  The trail continued through some woods eventually arriving at a regroup where the naming of Inner Ting Tong was discussed, amongst other things. 

We skirted around the edge of the woods, parallel to the road before crossing it and finding a long/short split.  The longs headed through some sort of camp with ribbons in trees before rejoining the main path and arriving at the Sweetie Stop.

The main road was crossed with great care and the trail continued onto the disused railway line for some way before heading back through the woods and On Home.

Fines went to Jamie for being keen enough to help lay the trail and then do the fish-hooks, Holeinone for her trip, Rocky for sitting down on the Hash and Itsy Bitz for her attempt at hiding.

Next week's trail is from the University of Exeter, Streatham (main) Campus, car park D (click here for map). Drive on to the main campus via Prince of Wales Road (Imperial End), and follow signs to parking.  And for the last time this year, please don't forget to rate this week's hash.

No sure why Blobby has his back turned!!


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