Exmouth AGM - Spockybitz - 8th Nov 2015

Very good behaviour noted at the start of this with Tampa on parade forming a very respectful circle in preparation for one minutes silence, remembering the fallen from war. Once the minute was up our hare Itsybitz and Spockybitz gave the pack the usual info about the trail then it was off into the environs of deepest darkest Exmouth. We explored many alleyways as we meandered around this semi urban as well as areas of parkland, very pleasant. I can report we didn't see the sea on this occasion. The route involved many long short splits not to mention fish hooks. We enjoyed a variety of sweets at the usual sweetie stop, could it be the hare had one eye on the Hare Of The Year Award. He even invited the pack to follow a nice young lady who happened to walk by as we left the sweet stop. Was she a decoy! I can report that we all followed the said young lady for about 50 metres before being encouraged to go off in a different direction, Tampa did go AWOL for a few seconds but soon returned to the pack.
No hashers got lost which was good news. Fines were dished out after we had all packed into the front room of Spockington Hall, one of which was to fine all those who failed to wear a poppy. The GM Groucho setting a bad example, he was fined, but was not alone.
X-bitz did us all proud producing an endless supply of pizza, mini pasties, chips and a range of other nibbles on which pack was able to graze, thanks X-bitz.
Once fed and watered we got on with the AGM which lasted for about 30 minutes. All of the present characters on the committee were re-elected, Miss Peaks saying she wished to stay as sheriff as she quote "likes the power" what can one or even two say. To date Miss Peaks has raised £49.50 from fines this going towards the Christmas do drinks fund.
Spocky suggested that we use funds for next year for four free drink hashes, one drink per hasher, to be reviewed at the next AGM. We have approx £800.00 in hash funds to date.
Thanks were extended to Spockybitz for his contribution to the hash and organising the autumn Gathering. Also mentioned were the Stix /Bollards blogsite and their hard work in keeping it up to speed. In general thanks go to all of you for supporting the hash either as a hasher and or a committee member. So the are in short no changes to the committee for the twelve months.


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