No Butt and Mouthful - Bovey Tracey - 15th November 2015

First up, an apology... my phone managed to garble the hash flash.  Probably something to do with trying to get my head in a heart.  Next week, I'll keep it simple.

The hares had been laying since 8am, and promised us a 5 mile trail for the longs.  It worked out a bit longer than that - I clocked up 5.9 miles.

The Old Nag had come face-painted up as Pudsey, together will Runner Bean and Chip Munk. We delayed the start of the hash for Spocky, but we ended up starting without him.  He'd been to Chudleigh Knighton apparently. There were a family of CoE H3 virgins who'd moved to the Honiton area from London.  The dad was Ice Butt - but sorry can't remember the other two names (please let me know and I'll update this).

The start of the trail took the longs on 1+ mile loop through the houses, past the park, to the roundabouts on the edge of the town, and then back past the House of Marbles.   We rejoined the shorts who were heading up the main road to the moor along the edge of the National Trust estate.  By this point Spocky had caught us up, and it was quite a long, windy up hill path. Monty (and Coffin and Emelda) had also appeared, haring to and fro and doing an excellent job of tripping us all up.

There was soon a great view point, looking back over Bovey, after which another long-short before we reached the sweetie stop on the side of the river.  The longs then took the high-road, and the shorts the low road - both following the river back through the park, and on home.

It was a rather long wait until the walkers returned, but we enjoyed the snacks and beer anyway, while collecting money for Children In Need.  There were plenty of fines, going straight into the Pudsey box, including the Old Nag for painting Pudsey;s eye bandage on the wrong side of her face!

Then most of the pack headed into the Dolphin for a Roast Sunday lunch.

The pack generously donated £90 to Children in Need, to which hash funds will add another £20.  Thank you all.

Next week's trail is from Warren Car Park, Woodbury Common (map). And please don't forget to rate this week's hash.


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