Tampa - Waren Car Park - 22 November 2015

There was the usual car jigsaw before the Hash as everyone tried to work out whether cars belonged to hashers or not and whether it was appropriate to block them in.  I think we were all expecting it to be colder than it was, the sunshine certainly made a difference.  Three newcomers made themselves known in the circle: Blake from Bovey Tracey, who had been brought along by Top Off; English Muffin (and family) who were not new to hashing, but hadn’t run with City of Exeter before; and Robin who had come on his own.  It was also good to see Woodpecker back, although his BMW seemed to be squeaking more than ever.

The trail left the car park at the top end.   A long/short split with a backcheck had the longs tired and confused for a while, but before we knew it we were at the sweetie stop.   There were many comments of “sweetie stop already” etc, then Fancy Liquor and Armless arrived (late).  Unfortunately the shorts had been sent the wrong way and never made it to the sweetie stop. But the sweets were impressive with jelly babies, wine gums and some fancy looking gluten-free option.

Soon, we were off again, some of choosing the right direction thanks to Tampa's unconscious pointers.  It was a bit steep alongside the MoD-fenced off area.  The longs headed right, while the shorts went left towards the flag pole.  The longs took a route around the edge of the firing range before re-joining (RJ) the short.  Thereafter there were numerous fish-hooks to get us back up the hill to the car park.  

There were a few fines, including for the late comers (Fancy Liquor), nerd naming (No Butt), Groucho for forgetting to nominate a Sheriff, and someone for doing "toiletries" on the hash - did they ever own up?

Next week's trail is from Dalditch Lane, nr Budleigh Salterton (map). And please don't forget to rate this week's hash.


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