Newton Poppleford - Strapo and Swampy - 28th February 2016

It was a little chilly as we circled up in the car park near the play park at Newton Poppleford. It was good to see the D’s again. The Sherriff was rubbing her hands in glee with the prospect of all the fines for nerd naming. Mouthful and No-butt also made a welcome return.

There were 3 long/short splits, and if you took all the longs, clocked up something in the region of four and a half miles. But they were a hard four and a half miles, with barely any flat. I found myself towards the back of the long, so by the time I reached the checks, they had already been kicked out, so no respite for me. We passed a cute looking scout hut amongst some trees, Mouthful allegedly heard a woodpecker (of the avian variety, not the hasher) and there were some lovely views once we reached the open fields. Stix was getting worried as he had done over 3 miles and not reached the Sweetie Stop, but fortunately, it was quite near the end and we had a lovely selection of sweets to make up for it. We should have had a hash flash at this point, but it was forgotten so we had one during the closing circle.
Strapo got a little confused at the end of the trail and started to blame Swampy for not putting the On Home in the right place, but fortunately we all made it to the end, unscathed.
Please don't forget to RATE THE HASH - the votes will be counted and prizes awarded at the 2016 Christmas Party.
Next week's trail is from Pinhoe Surgery / Railway Station: a map is here.


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