Upham's Plantation - A la Ronde and family - 5th June 2016

We hash so many times up on Woodbury Common, but today's trail really felt like we'd been somewhere different.  Although I'm sure much we had done before, it just felt like there were a few footpaths that were new to us. It was certainly a surprise to find the On-Home - and thats always a good sign of a great trail.

The car park was busy - partly because the marines had based themselves there because some backtracked new recruits were repeating their 30 mile slog - apparently one was rather worse for wear!
After the usual introductions from GM Groucho, there was some mucking about as we headed out the back of the car park and tried to find the trail from the first check.  As we headed up (and then back down) the slope, this was the point at which I began tor realise that it was a humid day.  We ended up doing a really long loop back on ourselves through the woods, during which both Speedy and Stingray managed to get caught "lying down on the hash".  Then we headed across the top, and down on to the model airplane field, through the car park and across the road.  The sweetie stop was soon to follow, up at the new Commando Memorial, the Gibraltar Stone.  Then the hash continued down the slippery cutting towards the commando assault course "dips" and back up towards the quarry.  A reasonably long loop took us up along the edge of the quarry, along the edge of the road, and back down the shorts who had been enjoying a second helping of sweets and a paddle in the stream.  Up a horribly steep hill, and on home back to the car park.
Fines were awarded to the two boys for falling, me for making inappropriate comments to Bollards about my ring, and then almost the whole "Bull-Catcher" (or is it "Child-Bait"?) family for forcing poor Splat to hash in new shoes (see photo below)
Thanks to the hares for a great trail - please don't forget to Rate the Hash - the highest scorer at the end of the year will win a prize!
Next week's trail is an "inflatable hash" - so bring an inflatable, and some beer for the BBQ afterwards.  Park at opposite the school (see map).



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