The Obelisk, Mamhead - No Butts and Mouthful - 3rd July 2017

It was surprisingly quiet up at the Obelisk car park for a Sunday morning.  Apparentlyit was a little busier last night after our hares had finished laying the trail - with doggers, that is.  Groucho brought the pack together for the chalk-talk, promptly at 11 am.  Oddly, for City of Exeter, no one arrived late!  We welcomed Rambo back - with a t-shirt on - although this had disappeared by the sweetie stop.  The hares explained that it was a figure-of-eight trail, and also told us to look out for some campers: while laying, they took the trail along a path on which some lads' had pitched a tent.  They offered our hares a pint, but they refused apparently - not quite sure what kind of hashers they are!
 Damp Path and his two girls joined us for the first time - but that was almost accidental.  He had picked them up and decided to take them up on to Haldon with their bikes - and then realised we were in the area.  None of them were dressed for hashing, but they followed us around on the walkers trail.
The trail started off by crossing the road, and we seemed to do a lot of down hill r*nning.  In fact, the first part of the trail, was really quite fast for a hash - and the kids were keeping up well too.  The main thing was not to loose anyone again!  I was keeping an eagle eye on Rocky: we were determined to make sure he was going to get lost for the third week in a row!  Basically the trail took us all the way around the main loop.  Mouthful was following us around, but helpfully he hadn't laid this part of the trail!  So there was a bit of mucking about at the checks, but we weaved our way back to the road into the Obelisk, and then through the car park!  Good job Woodpecker wasn't at the hash because he would have demanded a crate of beer for this offence!
After the car park, it was straight to the Obelisk itself, and the view point.  Thankfully the cloud had lifted a bit and we enjoyed great views down towards Exmouth accompanied by jelly babies, sour mix and chocolate peanuts!
Then we ran past the monument, on a trail that again seemed to be all downhill, along one of those ridges where you feel the urge to hurl yourself down, through the boys' impromptu campsite (check out the onesie!), and back up parallel to the road, where we overtook Damp Patch and daughters, to the car park.
By this time the drizzle was getting really heavy... and most of the fines seemed to go to Mudpie, for nerd naming, sitting down,....  !  
Next week's trail is the first of two consecutive picnic hashes, so cue the rain!  Please bring a picnic and beers.  We're parking at Ellerhayes Bridge on the Killerton Estate, near Silverton (map here)
As always - please rate the hash, and provide some witty comments.  Best hare of the year will be announced at the Xmas party.



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