Warren Car Park, Woodbury Common - Tampa - 2nd October 2016

The hash circled up at 5 past 11, without the Hare, who apparently had “probably gone to get a coffee”.  He eventually turned up at 10 past and was followed into the packed car park by several vehicles all containing well-dressed families, who proceeded to block us all in as they weren’t going to be there as long as we were.  I’m not sure what they were doing, but I certainly wouldn’t wear clothes like that if I were walking on Woodbury Common.

There were two Virgin Hashers – Janet and son Edwin.  A la Ronde and family turned up late, with FCUK joining the trail after the first long/short split – seriously late.
As usual, I had no idea whereabouts we were on the common as it all looks the same to me, but the trail stuck to the paths in the main and was well marked.  Unfortunately, there were no front runners to do the checking and the fish-hooks, to the detriment of the rest of us.  
We arrived at the Sweetie Stop where there was a beautiful view out to sea.  The autumn sunshine was warm and the sky cloudless.  Stix’s equipment wasn’t working, so he had to take the hash flash the conventional way, hence he is not in it.
There was a second long/short split towards the end of the trail, with numerous fish-hooks.  We had been instructed by the hare to go back to the check as he wouldn’t be on the long, but it became very confusing after a while with no-one sure which fish-hook (of about 3) they were caught on.  However, the pack kept together reasonably well, all arriving back at the car park within a five-minute window.
Swampy and Coffin both have Birthdays this coming week and were treated to a version of “Happy Birthday” in true hash style and there were fines for the late comers and fish-hook avoiders.

Please don't forget to RATE THE HASH

Plus Coffin, Annabelle and Brains who were already on their way home


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