Royal Oak, Exminster (Speedy's birthday) - Bollards and Stix - 4th December 2016

Speedy was very excited to have his Birthday on a hashing day, so there was no getting out of laying the trail.

The Royal Oak was the starting point, with a trail heading out past the Swans Nest for the Shorts and Longs while the Walkers went off through the Wilderness.  There were a couple of fish hooks, both requiring 6 hashers to return to the hare (2 x 6 = 12); it was all planned.

Once the railway and road had been negotiated, the trail weaved its way up through Exminster to Deepway Green.  There wasn’t much appetite for the long trails so the Shorts and Walkers had a bit of a wait at the Sweetie Stop; although possibly not the longest of the day if they stayed for lunch. 

During the hash flash there was a technology failure with my phone which meant that the trail stopped recording, hence we have no little map this week.

On the way back to the pub, several members of the hash were tempted by the zip wire (and duly fined for sitting down on the hash).  There was a regroup with little Birthday Cakes and a down down for Speedy from his Birthday hat that he refused to wear on trail.

A very leisurely lunch was held back at the pub.  We got home just in time for tea!

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