Xmas Hash - Clyst St Mary - Spocky - 18th December 2016

Spocky came out with a plethora of excuses as to why today's trail was too short/long/wet/dry/whatever.  He stood there with half a bag of flour in his hand, slightly hungover, with a pulled something-or-other and completely confused the pack with his lengthy rambling about it probably being 3 and on, but the grass was wet and Tampa could have helped but it was too late etc…..  Eventually the trail got underway and forty or so festively dressed hashers started their tour of the lanes and marshes of Clyst St Mary.

A Long/Short split sent the Longs on a ha ha before doubling back and re-joining the shorts before heading onto the fields/marshes.  A few slippery stiles later and numerous long fish-hooks saw us all climbing over the wall onto the road where we were met by Brains with her shopping trolley full of warm mince pies.  The beer had also made it to this point and we had a brief circle, where the hash sang Happy Birthday to me, in its own special way.  Congratulations were also offered to Stix on his promotion to Professor and Emerald and Geronimo on their 51st Wedding Anniversary.

The second Long/Short split was not so well populated with the longs climbing back over the wall and looping across the marshes again, while the shorts, sensing their proximity to the car park went straight back up the hill.

The Christmas meal and awards ceremony was held at the Cat and Fiddle.  Some photos below!

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Next week there are two trails - kind of...!  Please join Spockybitz for the Christmas Day (Sunday) swim from the Clock Tower, Exmouth (starts at 11am, so arrive with plenty of time to get cold), and then a Boxing Day trail (Monday) from Joney's Cross, hared by Tampa (11am).  On New Year's Day, its at The Bitz's house (Maristow Avenue, Exmouth) for another Spocky trail.

Subs are also due in January - see here for more info (and pay online).

And we found the missing 'Sheriff's Funniest Fine' award - thanks for it back!


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