The Bitz's House, Exmouth - Spocky and Belltoll - 1st January 2017

Another year, another hash.  And after New Year's Eve celebrations the night before, the pack were a little quieter than normal.  Our hare and family were up until 3am, and then managed to cook a breakfast for the hashers that stayed over, but it only took him 45 minutes to lay, with the help of Belltoll, who had 'volunteered' to lay the longs apparently.  Damp Patch seemed to have problems running in a straight line as he nearly fell over his own feet within the first 1/2 mile.

The trail was loopy for the longs.  Belltoll was dobbed in by his co-hare for not following the trail laying instructions correctly, but all was well, and those who started, made it to the sweetie stop and finished.
We had a tour of the bungalow district of Exmouth - ironically located at the top of steep hills; ideal for the infirm.  You would be fine in your level home if you hadn't had a coronary trying to get there.
There was plenty of new technology on trail, mainly in the form of smart watches.  Some worked, some didn't.  Some down to technology failure, some due to operator failure.  At the end of the trail, length was compared, with quite a range.
There was a notable lack of beer consumption in the closing circle, held in Spocky's lounge.  The fine rate is now up to 20p per misdemeanour - an incredible rate of inflation, but at least the drinks bill for Christmas 2017 may get covered.  It hasn't deterred anyone.
Spocky is particularly keen this week to remind you to Rate the Hash!
Subs are now due for 2017 at £20 for a single, or £35 for a couple/family membership. Please pay up with cash as soon as possible, or use credit/debit card or Paypal via the link here.
Next week we're at Four Firs, Woodbury Common - see here for a map.

Son-of-the-Bitz: the camera's behind you!


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