Ellerhayes Bridge - Bull Bait, Child Catcher, Stingray and Splat - 23 July 2017

Hares required for 3rd and 24th September

[words by Bollards] The weather looked promising for a picnic at the start of the hash.  It was quite warm as we circled up near the car park to receive our instructions from the hares.  I can’t really explain where the trail went as there were many twists and turns as we headed through the woods, but fortunately it was well-marked.  All I can remember is that the first long was mainly up hill, until we re-joined the shorts where it plateaued at the top and had a regroup.
We continued over the field, past some cows and back into the woods where there was a strange horse and carriage that you could put your head through to have your photograph taken.  No-one did.  We were all too busy checking.  On we went until we found a checkback which seemed to indicate that we should head into a quarry, but there was actually a narrow path next to it and we climbed up through the undergrowth to the path at the top.  Not long after there was a sweetie stop at a house that was never built.  This was when the rain started and we all sheltered in a small doorway.

A second long/short split followed shortly after the sweetie stop with the longs winding further through the woods before heading down a steep field and along the main track.  There was an obstacle in the form of a fallen tree, turned into a climbing frame, that the trail went directly over before heading into the main park area where there were cows that looked as if they hadn’t been milked for a long time (massive udders!).  Soon we were on home and the rain started.  Luckily, Mad Max had brought a large tarpaulin with him which we laid under a tree canopy to keep the worst of the rain off.  Twin Peaks and Groucho hadn’t returned which caused some concern because there were keys locked in other people’s cars.  It all got rather confusing for a while as we sat watching the rain and the bovine action from our picnic site.  There was fighting and chasing and general inquisitiveness from the cows (not the hashers).  Twin Peaks and Groucho returned and unlocked everyone’s keys but the weather was really not conducive to a picnic and we gave up and went home.

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31st July: Exmouth Sea Front, Maer Road car park - joint trail with Isca H3 (map).  Back to Topsham Rugby Club for BBQ (£5)

6th August: Dawlish Warren (car park on beach side of railway) - Wide Receiver (map) Bring cash for parking


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