Dalditch Farm - Woodpecker (and Spocky) - 24th September 2017

The first part of today's trail consisted of everyone asking everyone else how many and on it was.   Everyone admitted that they hadn't been listening in the circle, so we never really worked out whether the information was given out in the first place.  Anyway, we reckoned on three and on and it seemed to work.
I've very little idea where the trail went; standard for me for Woodbury common, but there were plenty of long/short splits to keep everyone together.  Plenty of shiggy in places and some large puddles that proved attractive to Splat and Lethal Weapon, among others.
As can be seen from the photograph below, we had to fight our way through undergrowth at times and it was very prickly.  They get everywhere - CC can vouch for that.
Paperwork managed to collide with a dog; belonging to some "normal" people just out for a nice Sunday morning walk.  I don't think the owners were too impressed and told him to slow down!
We had a sweetie stop followed by the final long/short split that sent the longs on a loop back along the trail.
After about 4 miles (for the longs) we found ourselves On Home.  There were fines for the usual misdemeanors and for new shoes worn by Woody.  Not only were the shoes new, but attention was drawn to them by the long red socks that she was wearing.  You really couldn't miss them.
Due to a peanut shortage at Tesco, we were forced to eat non-salted, non-everyday value nuts and raisins.  The consensus was that salted nuts are better.
Thanks to Woodpecker and co-hare Spocky for an enjoyable trail.

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1st October: Uphams Plantation, Woodbury Common - Dobby (SY041860, map)
8th October: Thorverton Memorial Hall - Twin Peaks (SS926020, map)


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