Haldon Chalets - Wide Receiver - 15th October 2017

Words by Rocky this week.

Today, we went for a run at Haldon Chalets; the layby (not to be confused with the café car park.) Some people did not get the message about the car park swap such as: Dobby, Spocky, Woodpecker, Happy Snapper, Bullbait and family, Tampa and I could go on and on.

After a while, everyone was finally at the right car park. Happy Snapper however was a tiny bit late but caught up with trail. First of all, we went down the main road and directly into a debris forest then we came to a long-short-split. It was either a really quite sharp prickly way, or straight on down the path, the longs went straight through the bramble bush. When we reached the woods again it turned into a Parkour course I don’t think anyone would have ran, as the trees’ branches were so low, after that we reached a clearing to find a check, we went downhill and it was certainly autumn. Then we found ourselves looping to go back through the forest. We re- joined the shorts. We went down a rocky leafy hill and was surprisingly wide and steep. Then we went up another steep uphill turned right into another clearing. It was the sweet stop. But there was someone missing. Who was it? It was Humpty Dumpty. To go and find him Spocky and Wide Receiver went back. In the next 10mins there was no luck son Mad Max made a speech. “We will go on, and they will catch us up soon.” By that time Bollards Stix and Child Catcher had went to assist on the hunt for Humpty Dumpty. Belltoll turned on his mobile phone and called Spocky. They had found the child. Mad Max had more to say. “Why don’t we all hide.” Some took it seriously. Soon enough, they had come back and we started on the trail again. We went down the path and went up a steep cliff like hill: there were enough of these we reached the top of the hill. Yet again a long BMX hill it was it was hard to get down a lot of people went straight down regardless. At the bottom, there was a long short split, however both up hill. We got to the top the longs climbed a bank along and over the fence. Then it was down a steep bank and straight to the finish.
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Coming up...
22nd October: Stoke Woods (upper car park) - Childcatcher and family (50.7516389,-3.5264361 ; map)
27-29th October: Autumn Gathering at Pinkery Outdoor Education Centre, Simonbath. Details here, email Spocky
5th November: Wonford Sports Centre - Happy Snapper (50.713354, -3.499597; map)


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