Chudleigh Knighton Hash

Gosh all this amazing technology and it only seems like yesterday that
Groucho was sat at his school desk with his quill and parchment. 20 odd
hashers turned up for the event from Chudleigh Knighton a new venue for us.
It appears that some hashers were suffering a cold or it was too cold? We
were joined by a new hasher who had hashed before "sporadically" so a
temporary name. Woodpecker also turned up even later and did his own thing
around Chudleigh although there were no sightings of him. It was a
delightful hash on the heath with the occasional shiggy. Bollards managed to
predict the rain to the minute when it did come. It did seem more than 3.5
miles according to my GPS probably because I ended up running around the
allotments looking for the trail. Finally Groucho wants to remind you all to
let him know if you are going to the Christmas hash and meal. So thanks for
the Hash No Butt and Mouthful. Next week from the incinerator Grace Rd
South. On On Blobby


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