Blobby and Twin Peaks 3/12/17

Sent from my iPhoneGreat hash today from Blobby and Twin Peaks, who doesn't look anywhere near a certain significant birthday! I clocked 4.3 miles on a lovely flat trail along the river interspersed with Spocky attempting to push me in 😀. Spocky took a detour back into the woods at one point to have a wee we think but we weren't sure! Blobby provided his tasty fudge at the sweetie stop which we had on a section of footpath that had been closed to enable a ferry (The spirit of Loch Ness?!) to be lifted onto the water. Then it was back on home, catching half the pack with a series of fishhooks. We ended by singing Happy Birthday to Speedy who delightfully showered everyone with beer!

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