Double Locks Christmas Eve 2017

We arrived a little earlier in order to safely negotiate the very narrow bridge to the pub. A good turnout of hashers joined us at the car park including some hash virgins in the form of Groucho and Beanbags' son and grandchildren and the newest addition to the Blobby clan, little Evie, who we have unofficially named Christmas Evie.

The trail was a fast run parallel to the river and up to Bridge road where I ran a false trail that seemed to take me almost to Exminster. The actual trail took the longs through to King George V playing fields where everyone spread out and no one found the trail until the hare pointed us in the right direction. At the sweetie stop it became clear a number of hashers had had a rethink and cut the trail short, which caused some confusion as we weren't sure who had remained. Cue Bollards going to look for Blobby (who we thought we'd lost but hadn't). Then it was on back towards the river and a pit stop for mulled wine and minced pies before a a short run back home, to the soundtrack of Stix bashing his undercarriage on a speed bump.

Merry Christmas to all

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