Exmouth New Years Eve 2017

We gathered at Spocky's for the last hash of 2017. The weather was dry at the circle but ominous dark clouds had gathered by the time we set off.

The trail got off to a lightening fast start, partly due to the excellent "assistance" of Spocky's co-hare (Son of the Bitz) but we didn't mind and before long we found ourselves water side at the estuary and the only long/short split. The longs went on an epic trip along the estuary, while being pelted with rain from said ominous dark clouds, nicely soaking us but only on our left hand sides. The trail then did a complete 180 degree turn back along the cycle path this time, allowing the rain to even its soaking and leading us up the fields to the sweetie stop.

The shorts had been there shivering for some time so had moved on by the time we made it. We moved on after a few sweets not wanting to get cold, not realising that Blobby had missed the long short split and had unintentionally done the long and so was some say behind with Happy snapper. The hare was with them so all was well.

After crossing the very busy main road, where Emerald and Geronimo seemed to decide to do their own trail back, we wound around the houses and soon found ourselves on home and back to the hare's house to dry off. There were fines for Stingray, Speedy and Spongeblob for not calling and Spocky for nerd naming.


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