Hare of the Year results

Big Thanks for all of you who have rated the hashes throughout  the year for the ‘Hare of the Year’ Trophy. The results were as following


5th place              Belltoll with                     74.17% 15/1/17


4th                        Wide Receiver                 80.83    14/5/17


3rd                        Strapo/Swampy              81.67    8/1/17


2nd                        Woodpecker                    84          2/7/17


1st                        Wide Receiver                 85          27/8/17


There  were some interesting comments and some very long ones. If I can work out how to copy them I will and put them on the blog.


There are still 2 hashes for in 2017,Spockys hash last Sunday and Stix next that you can rate. So if you are one of those hashers who rarely rates the hash now is the time for that New Year Resolution


Thanks to Spocky and Groucho for organising a superb Christmas do


Wishing you all a Happy Christmas and Peaceful New Year







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