Blobington Manor 4th Feb

Today's hash was in honour of Blobby and Twin Peaks combined large birthdays and very enjoyable it was too.

We all gathered outside Blobington manor, shivering in the cold and trying not to disturb his neighbours! The trail was a long one, the longs had the pleasure of many fish hooks which is likely why we clocked up over 6.5 miles 😀.

The trail took us on a circuit of Alphington, I confess I was never sure where I was or where we'd been (usual for me or maybe it was fish hook induced confusion 🤪). We were most unsettled at one point as we thought Bull Bait had checked correctly but he hadn't and normal order was restored. After filling up with sweets we crossed a very busy road where Spocky played lollipop lady (guy in the car he stopped was not so impressed). We then wound our way back through the houses (most of us following the trail) and on home to some lovely hot food, many thanks Mrs Blobby. Quite a few fines were handed out at the circle, mostly for being late or nerd naming, Double D and X-blitz!!

Many happy returns to both hares and thanks for a great trail!

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