Widecombe Way - Hole-in-One - 15th April

A different trail to what we are used to from Widecombe Way - while it started off in the valley park, we soon found ourselves down by the Arena and the railway line, before taking the return route up through Beacon Heath.  Just over 3 miles, but that wasn't a bad thing, given the rainy weather and the promise of tea cakes and tea to follow.  

Which indeed there was, plus donuts and sweets (there was no sweetie stop on the trail - hence no hash flash!) and more. Fines went to the late comers (which included English Muffin and family, Woodpecker and Tampa), and for Childcatcher for slipping over and taking out Swampy with her.  I think I would have ended up with a fine as well, given what Speedy said about my under carriage - but he said it just as we were leaving!

Next week's trail is at Mutters Moor (Peak Hill), Sidmouth (SY109872): Strapo and Swampy - rearranged from the snow a few weeks ago (map)

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