Kingsteignton - Wide Receiver - 10th June 2018

A humid morning's trail from Kingsteignton around the houses of the town, and then up to the racecourse with a sweetie stop on the cycle path on the estuary.  Then through the Passage House, along a field of wheat, and over the Teignmouth Road.  The excitement of the trail was after running along a footpath in field of sheep.  The landowner tracked us down and wasn't too pleased that we worried his livestock (despite us walking, and the one dog being on a lead!).  Back over the A380 and on home.  Thanks to Wide (and Tight - in her absence) for welcoming us to their home and providing some lunchtime snacks.  It was also great to see Fancy Licker, Tearaway, Armless and friends back - after what must have been a year!  

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Next week's trail is a BBQ Hash starting from Bowd, layby on A3052 (SY104898, map), and then back to Drakes Avenue, Sidmouth EX10 9JT.

The following week we are at the Four Firs car park on Woodbury Common, hared by Woodpecker. Mrs Woodpecker is once again going to cook for us, and Woodpecker would like to know numbers. Please email him, if you are planning on going.


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