Woodbury Common - Woodpecker and Howlin' Wilf - 24th June 2018

After last week's cold and drizzly affair, the sun was back this week, with vengeance.  But the Four Firs car park was excessively busy.  The trail took us down towards the quarry-ponds where there was a long/short. Then up towards the woods, where we all thought we'd spotted the sweetie stop on a distant hill. But it wasn't!  Woof Woof was voluntarily doing fish hooks (Woof-ooks apparently - be carefully how you say it), and then on to the sweetie stop in the shade beneath the trees.  By this point, and to our surprise,  hash-virgin 'Emily' had caught us up

This was most of the way round - the last part of the trail ran parallel to the Yettington road, back to the (slightly quieter) car park.  Fines went to Miss Peaks for falling over again, Woof Woof for anal references, Bull Bait and Child Catcher for letting Stingray out with shoes that were falling apart, the hares for not wearing orange t-shirts, and Spocky for not giving the orange t-shirts to the hares.

Then it was all back to Woodpecker's house for swim and some amazing curries from Mrs Woodpecker. Well done to Son of the Bitz for helping topup the pool!

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Next week's trail is at Milbury Farm Meadow in Exminster (map), with BBQ and beers on 'The Mound' afterwards.  Parking will be easiest on the road at the entrance of the Milbury Reach, or behind our house (no. 54).  Our house is on the left hand side - meet in the garden.  If you drive to the house itself, make sure you turn left entering the estate, follow the road round to the right, and take the first road on the right. 


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