Danes Wood *Bull Bait's 40th* - Child Catcher, Twin Peaks and Bollards - 8th July 2018

If Bull Bait was worried about being humiliated, he wasn't showing it. The hash started normally - or as normal as could be expected given the 30 degree heat, and it being our 888th hash. But at the end of the opening circle, out came the surprises - and he clearly hadn't put on fish net stockings before. The pink handbag was full of forfeits - which would be undertaken as the hash unfolded.

The first was doing the plank for 60 seconds, the second was kissing all the male hashers, and the third was doing three cartwheels. The sweetie stop was at the top of the valley by the photoframe, where forfeit number four was 10 burpees. Number 5 was ten pressups, and number 6 - back at the car park - was kissing all the harrietts.

Then he (and Child Catcher) got down downs for allowing Stingray to hash in new trainers (last week). And another one for having his birthday - and the usual hash rendition of 'happy birthday'. Stingray also got fines for whinging.

Next week we're in Yeoford, for a BBQ Woody's house. Please bring beer! (EX17 5HZ, SX780983, map)

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Finally, an urgent request for hares for 12th, 19th and 26th August.

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