Poachers Inn, Ide - Bobby and Twin Peaks - 2nd September 2018

It was a very small select bunch of hashers who set off on this warm Sunday morning. Trail was laid by Twin Peaks and myself and was the second part of the Ide has started a year ago. The pack headed off in all directions until following the path that took them around the church and off towards West Farm. They then eventually found themselves on the old railway line track to Newton Abbott which they followed for ¾ mile before returning to the road. Then TP had laid the hash through the adjacentstream and under a bridge. Then on up the sweet stop. It was then nearly all downhill back to the Poachers with a range of 3.5 to 5 miles being covered.

Only one fine was issued to Stingray for not paying attention during the circle and he also claimed a record of the number of back arrows run of 10 including one run twice. These youngsters never learn. We also had another youngster who claimed he was a hasher called Groucho. Anybody know him?


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