Stoke Canon - Groucho and Bean Bag - 16th September 2018

Just a small group gathered for the hash this week, for probably our last hash at Bridge Farm.  John 'The Framer' is moving out at the end of the month, and we gathered in this farmyard as he and his family were busy working to help him get ready.

It was a rather small pack, partly because Twin Peaks, Bollards and Child Catcher were taking part in the 10km Killerton Relish Run, Spocky and family are probably moving house (still!), with apologies also sent from Strapo, Swampy and Woodpecker.  But it was great to see HT2 and Mildly Moist back with City of Exeter,

The trail took us through the back gate of the farmhouse, into the field beyond. It was a rutted field, and difficult to r*n.  There was a check, with a ha-ha, and then an early regroup by the road.  This was first of many, many regroups!  The longs took a little detour, before rejoining the shorts, and then right in another field and along the bank, before the second regroup in a field of bailed hay. The bails were in the shape of cylinders, and Rocky tried unsuccessfully to run-and-jump on to one, before Woof-Woof gave him a helping hand.  After a r*n up through the field, we stopped for the sweeties, and then a long-short. Groucho made it very clear that we should not cross the railway line as we ran away from him, and Speedy did his best to confuse things by returning the call (Cross the railway line - yes, we'll cross the railway line!!"

Then across the main road, and a very long way back to where we had been two regroups ago. There were about 5 fish hooks across the field as we returned, but since Groucho had chosen not to come with us, we had no option but to ignore them!  Back alongside the main road, we waited testing the blackberries.  It was at this point when one child, who shall remain nameless, spotted a flag for Kuhn farm machinery, and remarked what it would say if a 't' was added on the end.  I blame the parents...

The trail continued into the village, and then left towards the railway crossing, with more regroups and fish hooks.  Finally back to the main road we were offered a challenge on the trail, or go back via the (dangerous) road bridge.  Opting for the 'challenge' many of us got a refreshing foot wash through the river.

Fines were awarded by all, in order to raise money for a Cancer Charity, in many ways to say thank you to Farmer John for all the times he has allowed us to visit his farm.

Next week the hash is from Whimple Railway Station EX5 2QH (SY045973)

And don't forget to RATE THE HASH!


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