Cockwood - Wide Receiver - 14th October 2018

I planned on taking photos along the hash this week. All went well until I forgot after the sweetie stop!

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Next week its the Autumn Gathering!  Starting on Friday night of course. The Sunday trail is from The Riverside Inn in Cheddar (map)

sheltering from the rain the the cycle shelter outside of The Ship

Circling up in the rain

A very muddy false trail where Mudpie lost her shoe

On back!

Second time round on the long loop

Wide Receiver thought he was the Pied-Piper looking after all his children

Rocky at the play park outside Cofton

Is that HT2?

Humtpy moving too fast!

More fun at the play park

Dawlish Country Park

Crouching at the sweetie top - not sitting

A wet sweetie stop - look out for the Eagle with the glory hole

Beers and fines in the circle


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