AGPU at the Riding Stables near Buldleigh Salterton - Spocky - 2nd December 2018

Spocky arrived back at the car park at the riding stables looking a little flustered, and pronounced that he wouldn't try to be so clever laying the trail again.  It was going to be a one-and-on trail, without any fish-hooks, because he forgot!

The trail started off going immediately across the road, with the front runners finding the end of the long - which was a loop - before being called back by the hare.  Straight down through the woods, and then that long short-split which sent them back to the start.  The rest of the trail was pretty much a straight walk to the reservoir for the walkers, and a huge number of loops for the rest of us.  When we got to the sweeties stop, Spocky announced that is was 10:50 by the time he'd laid up to this point.

The trail for the longs and shorts soon split after the regroup, with the trail taking in some streams to cross and some serious undergrowth.

Back at the car park, there were fines by Happy Snapper for arriving late, as well as for Oddbitz, for not even doing the trail.  Bollards got  fine for losing her voice, and Strapo for telling me that it was too early for a beer.  Stingray was also fined for not knowing that it was one-and-one, and the usual 'love-on-the-hash' went to Bullbait and Childcatcher.

Afterwards we had tea and scones in the cafe, and then the AGPU - details below.

Don't forget to Rate-the-hash - but this will count for the awards in Xmas 2019!

Next week we're on Charwell Meadow, Bradninch, EX5 4QQ (SS997035) (map) with mince pies to follow!

Groucho was voted in as City of Exeter Hash President for Life

Grand Master and Grand Mistress: Spockybitz and Bollards
On Sex: Stix
Hare Raiser: Tight Lips
Sheriff: Twin Peaks, with Splat and Speedy as deputies
Hash Cash: shared by GMs
Web Master and Mistress: shared between Hare Raiser and On Sex
Beer Master and Mistress: Bull Bait and Child Catcher, with Happy Snapper as deputy.
Hash Haberdash: Tight Lips

Spocky explained the accounts, and the balance, which was slightly less than last year. The Autumn Gathering made a small profit, which has boosted our finances.  Spocky suggested that the Autumn Gathering would take place at the start of half term week in 2019, and be held at Charterhouse again.

It was agreed to keep the adult annual subs and £20/year, but increase the subs for children aged 10 and older to £5/year. Under 10's remain free.  It was also agreed to keep the fines at 20p each.


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