Joney's Cross - 16th December 2018 - Tampa

Typically the coldest, wettest hash of the year - just so that we are all prepared for the Xmas lunch.  So we were relatively surprised that it was 'not too bad' as we circled up at Joney's Cross. There were a few Xmas hats and my black wig-hat (Humtpy described me as a Santa with black hair). 

Tampa's trail laying was at its very best (worst) and sent the front runners off in the wrong direction on multiple occasions. But tradition prevailed, and it started to rain before we got to the sweetie stop.  Harry (the dog) had completely up-ended poor-old Howlin' Wilf  And then it merrily chucked it down for the run on home. 

No circle - due to the weather, so we huddled in to warm (ish) cars for the drive to the Cat & Piddle, where Christmas lunch was served, along with the annual free drink!  After that the annual awards went to
Bone of Contention (the 'Groucho' award) - Groucho (for not turning up!)
Hare of the Year - Wide Reciever (he already has the t-shirt!)
Sheriff's Shield (most fines) - Bullbait
Funniest Fine - Sorepoint (but noone knew why?!)
Most Laid - Hole-in-One (at least - she was the haser who individually laid the most - and still has the award from last year apparently!)
Pecker award (most prolific hasher) - Stix
Hen Pecker (most prolific harriet) - Bollards
Radiohead Junior Hasher Shield - Speedy and Rocky

Next week's trail is from Kennford (EX6 7TR, village centre, (map).
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