Uphams Plantation - Woodpecker and Howlin' Wilf - 20th January 2019

Woodpecker had acquired the help of Howlin' Wilf as co-hare for this week's trail, although was he really doing Woodpecker a favour, or was he just saving himself £1 subs?  Talking of which, Spocky explained that 'favours' cannot be promised in part payment for the annual subs - which are now due!

As usual, reading notes from his little scrap of paper, Woodpecker told us that the walkers trail was 2 miles, the short was 3 and the long 4 miles, and you'll find the sweeties hidden at the sweetie stop "of gorse".

The trail began with a quick jaunt though the plantation, and a false trail then led us through some dog muck, but we were soon back on the main path, and then through the main part of the woods.  It seem liked there was an awful lot of really slippery downhills, and the hares had an aversion to using the main paths - at least on the longs.  There were four or five long-short splits on this trail, and I lost track of which one we were doing. There were also an awful lot of fish-hooks laid by a hare 'who doesn't believe in fish-hooks'!

We reached the sweetie stop after around 25 minutes.  There was a fantastic choice, with the raspberry bon-bons a particular favourite.  Tampa stole the chocolate raisins to keep back for Coffin - and then she took them down to Brains and Emelda at the bottom of the hill - which is why they're not in the photo!

On the way back we had more slippery slopes, and went past Devon's top secret Mashmallow Farm (see below). Apparently they cut these giant pink mashmallows into smaller ones, and then distribute them across the country (so Bullbait tells me).

Twin Peaks, ably assisted by Speedy and Splat, awarded the fines at the end of the trail - mostly for nerd naming and falling.  Twin Peaks thanked everyone for contributing to her Amazon voucher after her handbag was stolen from her car after she was out laying the trail two weeks ago.  The thieves kindly returned her bag to her front door step later that week, with (only) her phone missing, so perhaps they just wanted her 'little black book' of contacts?!

As always, please don't forget to Rate the hash.

Next week we're at the 'new' Bitz Manor near Whimple - Southbrook Lane off B3174, map


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