Exminster - Bollards - 30th June 2019

Words by Speedy and Rocky this week. Hopefully Spocky has got a photo... there was no Happy Snapper and Stix stayed home cooking pizzas

Today it was hot and humid. We started in the back garden of the house and circled up, we then started by going around the field. On the field were 2 long short splits quite close together. As we exited the estate we came to another long short split in short succession. The longs went up and around and the shorts went direct to a check where it took a long time to find out which way the trail went and was eventually found. When the longs caught up the shorts were already having a sit down on a park bench while they waited for the longs to go past the fishhook which was numbered 8. The next thing that happened was the sweet stop, which was held in a play park where Spocky, Bullbait, Paperwork tried to impress the ladies by completing a kid balancing rope. Then it was almost straight back to the finish where we had two more long short splits before running through a field (Check for tics). Everyone must have smelt the pizza because we got back relatively quickly. Once we where back Peaks dissed out some fines one of the best was Speedy for changing his shoes part way through the trail.

Fines: Spocky various reasons, and some of the shorts for slowing down and sitting down close to checks.

Next week we're at The Bitz's for a BBQ: Iford, South Brook Lane, Whimple, EX5 2PG

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