Pynes Hill, Exeter - Total Eclipse - 23rd June 2019

Back to our usual little meeting point on Pynes Hill, where Tampa was doing his best to be a parking attendant - he could play that role more often he he arrived on time!  As it was Total Eclipse's virign lay, she  had asked for advice on trail laying on facebook - she was reminded of her less helpful responses at the opening circle!
The trail set off down Ludwell Lane, with a Long-Short straight away, with the Longs taking a path through the trees and fields running parallel to the lane. We headed up the field and then got a bit lost in the next one.  Finally Paperwork found a mark up on the ridge, but it might have been a bit of a short cut.  Up on the top, we found marks to the left and the right - probably because we approached the check by running a false in the wrong direction.  But we had picked up the trail and it had slowed us down, so job done!  Across a meadow and down to a second long short - the long took us to the road, across the brook and back along the other side. No sooner had we rejoined the main trail, then there was another split. This time the long was a Ha Ha.

The sweetie stop was on the assault course, and Paperwork and Itzy Bitz were already on the zip wire by the time we arrived.  Plenty of sweets - and of course the hash flash (below). Spocky, Xbitz, me and a few others had a competition to see who could eat a strawberry race quickest without using hands.  Spocky won, and he and Xbitz decided that it was "All in the tongue action", and something that was mutually enjoyable, apparently.  Quote of the week I think.

Then back to Topsham Road again, over the crossing, and then the 'runner's long' promised at the beginning - all the way to Salmon Pool and back.  Then past the Mill and past the Tally Ho! By this point I was feeling a little drained, so shouted to Spocky to ask whether he wanted a half. He ignored me, but I (easily) persuaded Belltoll in for a quick drink.  Standing outside, we saw CC, BB and Twin Peaks come past, then Drop Off.  So time to drink up and run in on the On-Home, past a beautiful field of wild flowers (below).

Fines went to Spocky for nerd naming, Spocky for having shoes stuck together with orange tape, Spocky for ignoring my call to go into the pub, Splat for sitting down, Tampa for technology and  Rocky for tying Speedy's shoe laces together.

Next week we're in Exminster for a picnic hash (Milbury Farm Meadow, Exminster, EX6 8FG (map)). We'll provide the main bit (probably pizzas), and you bring anything else (salads, sweet etc).  There'll be plenty of ale provided too.


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