Ashclyst Forest - Bullbait - 29th September 2019

A good size pack turned out on a wet and windy Sunday morning at Ashclyst Forest.  Spocky welcomed the pack - with his two pairs of shorts on (I never quite worked out why).  We welcomed Chippy back - who'd come with Woodpecker.  And it was the last visit from Sorepoint and Paperwork with the summer coming to a close and their Sunday morning hashing returning to Taunton.  Spocky drew attention first to Speedy's broken wrist - which appeared longer than his unbroken one - and to Sorepoint's flashy new car. But Sorepoint told us that she'd been rear-ended (quote of the week?), and it wa sonly a hire car.

Rocky wrote the follwoing words:
  • It was a long short split at first and we went instantly down a hill. On the longs it was slippery and muddy, so we watched our footing
  • The longs were very long and when we had finished, we had trouble finding the trail in a forest. The marks had seemed to disappear as we went under some low branches.
Child Catcher got very confused with the long-short split. Either she didn't notice that we ran past it twice, or Bullbait kicked it out too early after we went past the first time! This was a subject of heated debate at the sweetie stop...
  • We hadn’t seen a fishhook for a while but when we got near the sweet stop, we had plenty of them. Mad max and Woodpecker were reluctant to go through the fishooks, so they waited for the longs to go through!
Mad Max claimed that 'the shorts' don't do fish-hooks!!
  • Then we got to the sweet stop and we stood there for awhile to wait for the walkers to catch up. Speedy had seemed to abandon them so he walked it himself. Soon after we set of again with everybody else.
  • You couldn’t say the way back to the car park was easy as there was a ha-ha on the longs. The shorts trail was hard too as there were low trees and it was muddy as well.
There was lots of funny-goings ons in the circle after the trail.  Stingray got fined for not checking properly, Hot Rod for nerd naming, and Max and Woodpecker for cheating on the fish-hooks.  Speedy also revealed that Wide Receiver had told him "There's only one way a teenage boy breaks his arm"! (Another quote of the week?).  Boots awarded Spocky with the caravan (or a framed photo of it) that he'd bought from him on eBay.  Actually it was the caravan that Spocky already owned, which Boots had listed in realiation for Spocky previously selling Boots' trainers! 

Next week we're at Uphams Plantation - thatnks to Howlin' Wilf for stepping in to lay at the last minute! Map is here


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