Mincinglake - Twin Peaks - 10th November 2019

Not many words this week becuase Speedy and Stix had to rush off the to rugby. But we welcomed back Isatiable who brought a "plus 1".

It was a really good size pack on a chilly morning.  Over 5 miles on the longs with plenty of fishhooks to keep us together.  Quotes of the week went to Cums to late, "How far down did you go", [talking to the shorts who overshot the sweetie stop] to which Spocky replied, "It depends on what type of weekend it is", and also to me (Stix) for telling Wide how you need to "cream your nuts" to make cashew cheese.  We also had a new hasher, NastyBitz, who laid some of the trail along the road.

Itzybitz got a down down for new shoes, and was acoompanied by Spocky for sending her out in them.  And we had a naming - "Cinderfella" for elaving his trainers on the roadside last week and ???? (Speedy can't remember!).

Next week we're at Prickly Pear Blossoms Park West Hill Devon (map), and then back to Chez Bitz, Ideford for the meeting.

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