Warren Car Park - Tampa - 24th November 2019

Today's hash was laid from for the Warren car park park laid by Tampa, run number 962.

Car Park was packed when we arrived with doggers.  Not very easy to get everyone in!

Lots of elite athletes turned up, but not for the hash, (they were doing the Bicton blister.) Howling Wilf predicted a meteor strike on Thursday We predicted rain.

Most people were late due to road closures, somehow Woodpecker was on time!  Coffin was the most late - STix asked her whether her whether she was actually planning on hashing!

The first long-short the longs ran up by Peter's Pool but thankfully we didn’t go through it. We crossed the path of the Bicton Blister. We got to the sweet stop and we waved at the runners, whilst we shoved our faces full of sweets. On the next long-short split the longs went through some woods and did a loop. From there it was a flat out run with one last long-short split back to the car park.

Fines went to Coffin for nerd naming, Splat for sitting down, and Wide and Tight for being late Coffin.  Some hashers were so competitive they even wore numbers on their backs!

Next week the hash is from Ellerhayes Bridge laid by Child Catcher (map), if you have been preparing gin please bring it along for a tasting session back at Child Catcher's afterwards (with mince pies).

Brains is showing us her better side!


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