Ellerhayes - Bullbait and Childcatcher - 1st December 2019

Run number 963 was laid by Childcatcher and Bullbait from Ellerhayes bridge.
  • A cold December day
  • 3 and on
  • Fishhooks were 6
  • We started with a check, where we found the trail going straight up hill
  • We saw a figure in the distance coming up the hill, it turned out to be Howling Wilf running 10 minutes late
  • We ran down past the famous half-built house, which rocky said had been bombed (I don’t know where his ideas come from.)
  • Long short split where the longs did a long loop around some fields before we all regrouped at the sweet stop
  • Some confused members of the public made the mistake of asking the hashers for directions. They asked “, which way is the church from here?” to which Spocky cunningly replied “, you can’t get there from here.”
  • After the sweet stop we continued before another long short split
  • There was a cheeky fishhook before the end which sent me all the way back to the Hare, however Stix and Rocky had a cheeky idea convincing Bullbait that enough had already gone back, and idea which got them into trouble with the sheriff.
  • At the circle everyone who missed the fish hook got fined.
  • Stix got fined for sitting down. Howlin' Wilf for being late.
  • We voted Twin peaks as Hare of the month for November for her trail in Mincinglake
  • Most of us went back to Childcatchers house for the gin competition, tea and mince pies. First place went to Mr Chips for his sweet-infused rhubarb and custard drink, and 2nd and 3rd went to Spocky for sloe gin and raspberry gin.  Mother-of Childcatcher was certainly enjoying  tasting them all.  The blue, sparkly concoction that Stix made did not go down so well... 
Next week we're in Kingsteignton for Tight's birthday hash, TQ12 3AX (map)


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