Beare - Sore Point and Paperwork - 12th January 2020

This week's trail was number 969 and a joint hash with Taunton.  And for once CoE weren't completely out numbered.  It was a cold, windy morning, and it was raining - at least in the layby. One we left the layby it seemed to dry up, and then when we returned again on the on-home, it started again.  Weird. 
Sore Point and Paperwork were our hares, and they had the orange t-shorts on - hooray!  A bit of hash-confusion at the start as we sent off up the footpath that would eventually take, but we had to go back to the layby and up a different path to get there.  Woof Woof's foot got tangled in a bramble and ended up looking very comfortable in the undergrowth!
It was an extremely muddy trail, and 90% of it seemed to be up hill.  Once we got to the top - we seemed to keep on going!  There was a single long-short split, which once completed, led us to the sweetie stop.  But no sweeties - mulled cider (made by Paperwork) and cheesy feet (made by Sorepoint) instead.  All the kids seemed to be being told "Yes, all the alcohol will be boiled off" - I wasn't so sure - it tasted pretty good to me!
3.3 miles in, it was looking like a long trail - but fear not, we were soon on the on-home, following the outward trail, as the rain returned to lash our faces.  A quick wee for me, and we were back at the layby.  No fines this week, but we drank beer and ate crips as usual, and finished off the mulled cider.
Next week we're in Stoke Woods, the lower car park (, for a hash laid by Blobby and Twin Peaks.
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