Stoke Woods - Blobby and Twin Peaks - 19th January 2020

It was a cold day - I guess the coldest City of Exeter hash this winter.We decided not to wait for Spocky becuase it was too cold.

We ran about 10 meters before reaching the first regroup. The longs ran up a bank and then stayed high on a particularly slippery bank, before sliding back down to the shorts.

The whole pack, inlcuding the hares, managed to accidentally missed the next long short. And then the Bitz's, Tampa and Woodpecker appeared - apparently they had got stuck with closed roads.

Several fishhooks and regroups held the front runners back. And then we jumped over a stream before climbing a steep bank where Stingray fell over and slipped back down, and Splat took about fifty attempts to get up (with her dad shoving from the rear).  See video from Blobby.

Soon after, a sweetie stop, with fudge, watermelon thingies, and some fancy oreo-bicuits for the fussy ones.

After that there was a fallen tree to negotiate.  Twin Peaks mounted it, then excalimed "it wasn’t this wet this morning"... what she meant by that I didn’t know.

Some nutters went on the big tree-swing.

We headed up to the top car park where some *****ers had dumped some rubbish. Unfortunately, Twin Peaks managed to shout out "You wouldn't believe some people" as she walked passed a couple getting into their car.  Hopefully they realised she wasn't talking about them.

Twin Peaks really was the star of today's hash - she then fell over on the particuarly shiggy downhill  - couldn't have happened to a better person... Then Howlin' Wilf shouted at Harry the dog for nearly tripping him up, to which Son of the Bitz replied “Sorry, what have I done wrong?”

Fines went to Twin peaks, all the later cummers, Sting Ray for also falling over, Howling wilf for child abuse… (I cant remember any more)

Next week our hare is Wide Receiver: Dawlish Warren (map), parking (free) on the beach side of the railway bridge.

Finally, Don't forget to pay your annual subs before the end of the month.


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