Frying Pans Car Park, Woodbury Common - Belltoll - 16th Februrary 2020

  • Run number 974ish
  • Cold and wet again - this time it was Storm Dennis' turn
  • Woodpecker was in his flashing coat
  • Child Catcher had brought her whole family along
  • Speedy forgot his coat
  • Damp Patch forgot his shoes so ran the hash in crocs
  • We started the hash and it was not long before we got to the first long short split
  • We always seemed to be running along streams
  • The longs did several loops around the fields whilst the shorts walked through the mud on the edge of the forest
  • SWEETIE STOP under the trees
  • We ran through some more mud before the longs did another loop
  • About another mile until we got back to the car park
  • Fines went to Splat for sitting down, Stix for peeing and Damp Patch for forgetting his shoes
  • It was Child Catchers and her “identical” twin brothers’ birthdays.


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