Pinhoe - Splat and family - 2nd Feb 2020

Words by Speedy this week. 

Run number 972

A warm winters day.  We crossed the trainline and ran through Pinhoe until we reached one of the new building sites.  We ran through the fields where Rocky decided to shortcut to avoid the fishhooks, and then realised he went the wrong way.   Long short split where we discussed what a 'back check' meant (Woof Woof).  Then we arrived at the regroup where we where told it was not far until the sweet stop

We then arrived at the sweet stop where Son Of The Bits was keen to tell us that he took a massive shortcut. But no dogs in the park. Hash flash on the wobbling new climbing frame

Another long short split,  The we came to the final regroup we where told that there was a dangerous slippery bridge ahead (it wasn't dangerous or slippy)

Quotes of the week “all you need to do is give it a blow” from X-bits", and "Spockys beard looks like a bush,” Wide Receiver

Fines went to Stix for needing the toilet (and sitting down on the hash), Rocky for shortcutting and avoiding fishhooks, Bollards for technology and the 2 above quotes.
Next week we're at at Blobby's House at Westcombe in Alphington (map).

This year, we're going to vote for Hash of the Month again - but we'll do it online.  Clear here to vote.


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