Uphams Plantation - Spocky - 23 Feb 2020

Good turnout today with some visitors and returning hashers. A very clever trail which is the norm for this hare (how he has not won "hare of the year" is beyond me!). 2 long/short splits before the sweetie stop were timed to perfection. The ruggedly good-looking considerate hare also put the sweetie stop in a  sheltered camp that he obviously made earlier! After the generous amount of sweets we were off on our way onto another cleverly laid long/short split. Walkers were sent on back to the car park as the rest ran through the model aircraft field to the one and only fishhook that was perfectly placed. Across the road through the woods to one clever backcheck then on home! Everyone arriving back at the same time to prove that this hare knows how to lay a trail!! Took a while to organise the circle because of the amount of hashers thanking the hare for his  superb trail. Fines were given, beers and crisp were consumed. Onon till next week.
Words by: X Bitz
(Spocky Bitz)

Next week we at The Globe Inn, Sampford Peverell, EX16 7BJ


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